Buff Bec

Buff Bec grew up with The Rose, Atlas Underground, and crappy apartments on 5th st. extended. She is a supporter of The Bridge, Live Arts, and Cosaic.

Owen Cash

Owen Cash lives life on the edge. Whether it’s skydiving in Rio, amateur bullriding, investing in the latest cryptocurrencies, or eating soft cheese that he left out overnight, Owen doesn’t let things like potential consequences get in the way of living his life.

Kithis the Salient

Kithis the Salient is a human being who was born on Earth. He enjoys writing, reading, eating, taking showers, and talking to other human beings. He is very interested in human anatomy and physiology, and dreams of someday being inducted into a Hall of Fame somewhere.

If you would like to meet Kithis in person, please get naked and stand outside at or around 1am on a full or new moon and loudly recite the poetry of Geoffrey Chaucer, preferably from memory.

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