Submissions Guidelines

What we Publish:

We publish all things pertaining to Charlottesville. That’s it. We realize that this is very open-ended, perhaps frustratingly so, but if you want an idea of what sorts of things we are looking for, then just head over to the front page and look around a bit.

How to Submit:

  • All submissions should be emailed directly to
  • In the subject of the email, print your NAME and TITLE of your submission.
  • Copy and paste the body of your submission directly into the body of your email. Please note that proper formatting is extremely important. If your submission is improperly formatted, we may ask you to reformat it before acceptance.
  • We accept simultaneous submissions but please let us know if you work was accepted elsewhere
  • We are not interested in bigoted, homophobic, racist, transphobic, or ableist, dogmatic, right-wing, sexist, closed-minded, unfunny, conservative, or unnecessarily sarcastic works.
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